skull PrOtects thOughts anD shapes the face

SKULL studio is a laboratory of ideas, concepts, and visions. Under the playful baton of the studio, these visions come to life and materialize into diverse entities. Sculpture becomes a gaming element, the landscape transforms into a playground, interiors evolve into works of art, and photography transcends into images. Multidisciplinarity is ingrained in the studio’s DNA. Uniting experts from the realms of art, new technologies, and various other fields. And thus, the SKULL always smiles. 

Matěj Hájek (* Prague) is a Czech artist and a founding member of the Ztohoven group. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, specializing in sculpture under the guidance of Jaroslav Róna. His creative work blurs the boundaries between architecture, sculpture, and land art. He has been dedicated to exploring the relationship between sculpture, play, and learning, manifested in the form of extensive projects involving children’s playgrounds. In 2021, he was invited by the chief curator of the Venice Architecture Biennale to create an installation titled „OFF FENCE / PLOT.“ Projects he has been involved in have received awards such as the Grand Prix of Architects, Timber Building of the Year, and nominations for the Czech Grand Design. Since October 2019, he has been pursuing his doctorate at his alma mater, the Academy of Fine Arts.

Pavel Krajčík (* Prague) is the creative strategist and business brain behind S K U L L. He has amassed extensive experience in business and company management, primarily on the international stage. Pavel served as the Director for Europe at Lasvit, where he led the company for over 8 years from London. He spearheaded retail expansion and oversaw artistic installation projects for galleries, public institutions, luxury hotels, and private interiors in cities such as London, Paris, Tel Aviv, New York, and various other locations around the globe. Following his role as the Business Director of the glass company Moser, Pavel was invited to join SKULL studio as a partner in 2022.   

Bet Orten (* Prague) is a multi-genre visual artist and photographer. Her work spans stylized photography, documentary, and landscape art. Her photographs evoke poetic images or impressions from familiar yet unwritten stories. Bet gained her experience primarily abroad, living in New York, where she worked as an assistant in the team of American photographer Steven Klein. She graduated from the University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion), focusing on creative fashion photography.  In 2012, she received the Czech Grand Design award in the category of „Photographer of the Year.“ In partnership with Matěj Hájek, she co-founded the interdisciplinary studio S K U L L in 2020.